DarkRP HG EvoCity2 Server (Cars/RP/Guns/CustomJobs)

Hobo Gaming’s newest server has been released. You can automatically connect here:

(Note : This may start Steam+Garrys Mod+The Server. If you have those.)

Or connect in-game if you like at

The server has rules, dont break them unless you like the Ban Hammer to the forehead.
Check out the website for the latest news:

Have fun on the server! Note this map is on rp_evocity2_v2d. You must have Evo City 2 to see the stuff, or it will be errors. Also, you need this Content Pack to see the cars, and some other things.

Download Content Pack : (Note: This .rar file is 1.0 GB. So it will take a while. I am going to expect you have winrar…)

Come play our server, have fun. And dont be a minge.

Just a week ago i went on this server saw some people then walked up to them and said hi … guess what happend… He pulls out a Para and unloads a storm of bullets to my body… i vote no to this community/server.

Shitty DarkRP server with adminges, <10yo userbase, an overused/outdated map and a 1GB content pack?

Fuck that, I’d rather have sex with a bucket of needles.

A Bloody 1.0GB? Oh god did you put a movie on that thing?! Content packs usually dont go up then 500mb but this…this is outragous I mean my folder of Garrysmod only have 2.86 GB

lol HoboGaming, they have some pretty bad admins

Only had bad experience with this server

The owner is a little kid who abuses, he thinks he can code when he can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

A Darkrp server? Iv’e never seen such thing, your so original!!

If you hate Darkrp so much why do you comment on every Darkrp server.

It’s not what he says, he says THAT DarkRP server is shitty. And he is so right

He is correct, but there really isn’t a necessity to comment on every Darkrp server saying it is shit.

I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

If the server is bad, he’s going to post his opinion. You posted a advertisement, expect criticism.

Is that a sarcastic comment?