DarkRP Hiding custom classes from those without access

I’ve been trying to figure out how to disable users who don’t match the steamID in customcheck from actually seeing the job in the F4 menu.

How exactly would I go about doing so?

I’ve already tried editing the disabled_defaults.lua to no anvil.

Heres one of my jobs:

TEAM_CUSTOM = DarkRP.createJob("JobName", {
 color = Color(0, 0, 255, 255),
 model = "Modelpath",
 description = [[A custom Job for a player]],
 weapons = {"Weapon_name"},
 command = "custom",
 max = 1,
 salary = 250,
 admin = 0,
 vote = false,
 hasLicense = false,
 customCheck = function(ply) return ply:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:0:000000000" or ply:SteamID()=="STEAM_0:0:00000000" end,
 CustomCheckFailMsg = "You don't have the required SteamID to become this job."

I changed the steamID (and other things) for privacy purposes.

To clarify I want to make ONLY the person with said steamID to see the class when opening F4 menu

Using custom f4 menu
Darkrp Version CURRENT BETA (as of OP)

Unless your F4 menu specify this kind of configurations, you’ll need to edit it from its source code to check if the client’s steamid is the one you are looking for.

What would said code be or look like. Also would I put it in the actual add ons configuration file?
Sorry if dumb questions I’m not the best when it comes to lua.

In the code you provided, you have the customCheck wrapped in ‘<b>’ tags, you don’t actually have them in your real code…do you?


Never mind, didn’t see that, it’s most likely your ~Custom F4 Menu~

Oh dear no lol, I meant to make the customcheck bold. My mistake.

The actual code has no <b>