DarkRP Hitman

I can’t disable the mob boss’s hitman menu and readd it to my TEAM_HITMAN and TEAM_PROHITMAN.

Jobs that are hitmen
set to true to disable
DarkRP.disabledDefaults["hitmen"] = {
	["mobboss"] = true,

It doesn’t do anything. It was originally set to

	["mobboss"] = false,

I tried adding [“hitman”] and [“TEAM_HITMAN”] and even [TEAM_HITMAN] to change it to the hitman job, but it didn’t work.


do you have HITMAN job made in darkrpconfiguration_master ?

If you mean TEAM_HITMAN, yes.

[lua]TEAM_HITMAN = DarkRP.createJob(“Hitman”, {
color = Color(115, 0, 0, 255),
model = “models/player/leet.mdl”,
description = [[You make your living off of other’s blood. You are a wanted man on the run. If you want to make a living, you have to be sneaky.]],
weapons = {“m9k_knife”, “m9k_usp”},
command = “hitman”,
max = 3,
salary = 65,
admin = 0,
vote = true,
hasLicense = false,

Within the lua file in which you placed that class, also place the following line of code.


C’mon guys, such simple questions… DarkRP isn’t that hard

If you have a darkrpmodification addon, which I recommend you should get, go to garrysmod\addons\darkrpmodification\lua\darkrp_customthings.lua
and scroll to the bottom to change this line.




You can get darkrpmodification here, https://github.com/FPtje/darkrpmodification