DarkRP: How to allow a job to spawn gm_spawnsent

Hey there. Making a custom job so that a player can spawn the PlayX entity. First off I’d like to see if I could have the player pay for the entity and spawn it, much like a money printer. As well as if I can just let them spawn it from the Q menu.

Here is the entity in question.

Here is the code for the entity it’s self to be bought in the store

And here is the code for the job it’s self.

Thanks for any help!

You don’t. Just make him able to spawn the entity in the F4 Menu.
Also, why

customCheck = function(ply) return CLIENT or ply:GetUserGroup() == “vip” or ply:IsAdmin() end,

Why “CLIENT or”?

Why would you let players spawn PlayX? It would be abused so hard, and I’m sure it can ‘penetrate’ through props into peoples bases(Talking about the projector), playing some endless screamer or something. And people can hear it also, probably playing something one player wants, and another doesn’t. Also, can’t only 1 PlayX entity be spawned?

I’d advise you don’t add this at all.

(Don’t hate if I’m wrong, I don’t use playx at all because it’s just a way trolls and ‘twats’ can piss other people off in my opinion)

Or he should just be able to spawn PlayX entities at a certain area so it’s not abused.

I guess, but they’ll find a way, like they do always.

How do you make it, so that a job can buy it off the f4 menu?