DarkRP HUD problem

I got this problem on DarkRP. When I play on a server my money shows up as Money:0 Job: Salary: 0. And also when I press tab to show the players it shows number of players but it doesn’t say the name. I got this problem when I was messing around in my garrysmod folder and deleting stuff. So maybe I deleted an important file? But I don’t know and can anyone help me?

Delete DarkRP from your gamemodes folder, redownload the latest version and then give that a go, if that doesn’t work, try a fail safe and reinstall Gmod then DarkRP.

This will not work.
You dont need to have this gamemode installed to play it. It will automaticaly be downloaded from the server you are playing on. Installing it urself will only cause conflict between them.

And about the 0 on the salary/cash etc… is a problem witch happend in one of the latest Gmod update where they forgot to add/update the datasteam file. Which leads to the server owner needs to update that on his server.

Didn’t know about that sorry, but downloading a gamemode doesn’t conflict with a server online as the server doesn’t download to the same file as a local gamemode.

Run ‘Steam Update’ on TCAdmin, If you use it that is.

May I ask, what is TCAdmin?

Admin Control Panel for Servers

How would that effect anything when not related to DarkRP?

By Running ‘Steam Update’ On TCAdmin, it will update your server to the latest and will fix the Datastream File so your Salary and Money will show, admin settings will work Ect.

Fair dues, informative for you good sir.

Im sure your server has TC Admin, If it does not, Websites like Art of War have one built in, its like an Icon Interface, Google an Image if your unsure, but from your reply I guess I helped.

I’m not the OP but if he’s reading I’m sure you did help Nice one man :v:

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