This is a DarkRP HUD I made in about 2-3 days. Its not that good but I thinks its better than the default one!!

A little more editing and I have completed my HUD.
Click this:

This is something separate, it didn’t take me long to make it but I think its pretty cooooool.
Click this:

Er…you had to make a thread for this? If anything I’d put it in the WAYWO

Sorry im new to facepunch

Looks nice.

are you gonna realease it or keep it for yourself? I would love to use it I think it looks very good

I will probably release it, I just need to add another icon on it that show’s what job you have.

Could you possibly make a HUD for another game-mode? The TTT HUD could use some cool factor.

Great! I really like it I have always been looking for a hud like the on you have made in my server.

Yea i could if you would like, for your server?

Yeah, that would be nice. Hit me up on steam?

Sure, is your steam name CaptainFab

It’s Captain “Fabulous” Falcon

You can just click the steam icon under my name and it will bring you to my profile.

Oh noes Hillzy you’re a traitor!

Neat HUD, never seen one like that before.

thats a really nice hud, i wouldnt mind a hud like that :smiley:

Would love to see this available for download, looks awesome!
I’ve been trying to edit the default one for DarkRP or make my own one, but everything just fails.

id move it down to the bottom… just my opinion

It looks alright, actually. The top could use some work, though.

I’m not a traitor at all. I am making one for our server too and already have.
And thanks for the support guys!

You forgot to add armor in the GUI.