Darkrp hud

how do i make a custom dark rp i don’t meen the f4 hud i meen a custom you make self download one and post it in the server config can someone help

The F4 menu isent a HUD, it’s a DermaFrame.

A HUD is the thing that displays your health forexample.

And, I dont get what the hell you’re talking about, so if you expect more help, I advise you to spend more than 5 seconds on your thread.

i know what a hud is

Ok :). But if you could expand on your initial post so that I, and others, could understand what you mean, I may be able to help.

i meen i need help whit a to make a cutom darkrp mod and i know whot a hud is and i need help to make one for darkrp

Google Translate.

How To HUD

Good Luck!