DarkRP: I have no Door Options...

Hey Community,

i updated to DarkRP 2.5 yesterday but whenever i try to press F2 on a Door i buy it directly. ( i use ULX and i am the superadmin)

i can’t set Door Groups or anything… pls help

Greetings from Germany

Check the following:
1.) You are Super Admin (woops ignore that, just read your post properly)
2.) You haven’t edited core files (be honest)
3.) You are acquiring 2.5 from a good source
4.) No addons are interfering
5.) See if anything else is not functioning correctly, do you have a admin tool option on the top-right of your scoreboard?

  1. no i have not because before i was using 2.5 i tried to install the mod “darkrpmodifications” and it didn’t work ofc. that is the reason why i changed to 2.5 because i needed darkrpmodifications.
  2. i downloaded the 2.5 Version from the official Wiki… just google Darkrp -> clicked on Darkrp.com -> clicked on wiki -> opened my SVN Checkout and pasted in the site link of github.
  3. i don’t think so because i had the menu with the old DarkRP Version… (my addons: anti prop kill, awarn2, darkrpmods, dlogs, ulib, ulx, utime…
  4. i have two problems… i can change the FPP settings and i changed it that admins are able to move world and blocked props but i can’t move them. and the problem with the door… but i can use any RCON command and any normal command in the console. and i can use all !commands from ulx…
    i will check for the admin tool option on the right…

/edit: okay i just logged in and looked out for the control panel in the Tab Scoreboard but there was none… i havn’t changed anything in the last 5 hours but suddenly i can edit door groups -.-