Darkrp Idea: Random server events

So I’ve started my own little crappy dedicated server with steamCMD just to test things out for when I eventually buy a server. The Idea came to me earlier to have random server events in gmod darkrp. Basically how this would work is by random chance every so often certain things could happen in the game, such as NPC bosses spawning, or zombie hordes loading into the world and attacking, or players being randomly picked to take part in a war on the city as werewolves or as insurgents. Or even just as simple as a fire. The whole point is to spice up the game a bit. Have random little things that make the experience more enjoyable. Now me being me I haven’t the slightest idea about LUA coding and I was just wondering is this possible and how hard would it be to do, and if its not that hard maybe someone could help me out with this and maybe if its a little more challenging I can pay some money, when I get some of course.

Its actually extremely easy to do. I coded my own random event system for my own server in like a hour.

Tbh the hardest part about it is just like thinking of good events to have. You should be able to do this on your own. All you have to do is make a timer start when the server starts and make it run infinitely. When the time hits like 30 mins or so you can make it run a function that picks a random event.

The way I did mine was I had all of the events info in a table and then when I ran math.Random(1,#tbl) it would call the function that is stored inside of the table.

If you don’t know how to code I recommend looking some tutorials up on youtube. This is a pretty simple task that I think you could be able to do in maybe a day or two just because your just starting out. It might also help you later to code your own custom things to make your server more interesting than all the other scriptfodder copy and paste junk servers.

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