Darkrp Idea: Random server events

The Idea came to me earlier to have random server events in gmod darkrp. Basically how this would work is by random chance every so often certain things could happen in the game, such as NPC bosses spawning, or zombie hordes loading into the world and attacking, or players being randomly picked to take part in a war on the city as werewolves or as insurgents. Or even just as simple as a fire. The whole point is to spice up the game a bit. Have random little things that make the experience more enjoyable. I know how to edit lua, just not so much create things from scratch. If anybody could provide me with something that could make darkrp events, I would be very grateful.

So you are a DarkRP Professional Editor? Nice.

Stop posting these retarded threads.

Nobody here will do it for free for you - nobody is as pathetic to waste his time for a random guy over the internet - just go away.

Netheous, savage as always <3

You have no idea.
I’ve been to these forums since 2009, mainly in mapping section - then I moved to dev section and it was brilliant. Everyone was asking for help with their scripts or for explanation regarding usage of certain functions… until these DarkRP kiddies found out that GMod has it’s own forums - now it’s all darkrp config issues and script requests.

Now I’m not gonna derail this pointless thread, I’m out.

Oh trust me, I know. I swing by the dev section just to see dumb posts like this. Gives me a good chuckle.

You’ve roasted me a time or two a few years back. Taught me not to post retarded threads like this.

May your wrath sting the innocent eyes of children for years to come.