[DarkRP] Illegal weapons

I’m currently having an issue that if a player is granted a gun license his/her weapons still show up as illegal weapons. I check my configs but didn’t found anything.

Try this, make a new lua file in darkrp_customthings and edit this code

License weapons
Add weapons that do NOT require a special license here
ALL other weapons will require a license

Note: this only works if the license setting is enabled
GM.NoLicense["weapon_physcannon"] = true
GM.NoLicense["weapon_physgun"] = true
GM.NoLicense["weapon_bugbait"] = true
GM.NoLicense["gmod_tool"] = true
GM.NoLicense["gmod_camera"] = true 

NOTE: I didn’t test this yet.

Where I got the code from: darkrp\gamemode\config\licenseweapons.lua

Sorry, but what i meant is if a player has a gun license and they have a gun which they didn’t spawn with then it gets marked as illegal weapon.