DarkRP inventory

Please could someone make a DarkRP inventory, I really need one. If you want to discuss anything else, PM Me on the forums. I Posted this in a different section and got told I should post it here, so yeah :confused:

What the inventory needs to do:

  • Stores gun/drug shipments and able to place down by taking out of inventory
  • When you buy a car in f4 menu, it saves in inventory
  • Your inventory saves when you D/C and then Rejoin, meaning players won’t loose their cars etc…


Humm no

Doesn’t seem very difficult to code, you could do it yourself :slight_smile:

I cant do lua :confused:

$125 I can code you up a custom inventory for darkrp and your server lmk! (Paypal Gift only)

uhhh no, not that much…

I’ll do it for $50.

Yarr, I’ll do it for $10 because I’m nice like that.

EDIT: I 'spose I’m not nice then D:

If you want someone to code something for you, it isn’t going to be cheap, even for something extremely simple to do yourself with some research and time.

I recommend Jocken.

I wouldn’t trust any of these dudes especially nazban, he’ll just take your money and run off…

I could code it for 20$ and I could change t in the future if you wanted me to.

there’s a scripter 4 hire thread in the lua forum. report this thread etc.