DarkRP Inventory.

I Dont know if anyone have figured out how
to make an inventory in DarkRP but if anyone just
have an idea to make one, or know how to have one
then be pleased to write how to.

God not again. People will not make you stuff, if you have nothing to give in return. And this needs to be in requests.

So what you say is that i cant ask questions in facepunch?

Dark rp has a inventory now kthxbai.

No it doesnt. It has a pocket swep which is not good at all.

When i say Inventory i mean one u can store
your shipments, pistols whatever, every entites.
and it saves the shipments and pistol till next time
you join.

Try DerpRP Inventory, its on garrysmod.org search it.

Shoot, just dug up ancient post…

What an awful first post.