DarkRP Is' loading sandbox gamemode

im making a darkrp server but it won’t load the gamemode

my autoexe.cfg:
sv_defaultgamemode “DarkRP”

my gamemode folder name:
my gamemode/DarkRP.txt:

“base” “base”
“title” “DarkRP”
“version” “2.4.3”
“menusystem” “1”

"author_name"   "LightRP: Rick darkalonio, DarkRP: Rickster, Pcwizdan, Sibre, philxyz, [GNC] Matt, Chrome Bolt, FPtje Falco, Eusion, Drakehawke"
"author_email"  ""
"author_url"    "https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP"

"maps"  "^rp_"

"icon"  ""
"info"  ""
"hide"  "0"


how do i run this gamemode?? i just run sandbox gamemode?

If you read one of the other hundred threads about this you’d know.
server.cfg (or autoexec.cfg) gamemode “darkrp”

We need an FAQ sticky with all of these things. Where to get PERP (nowhere), sv_defaultgamemode is now gamemode, etc.

It’s not our fault Garry unnecessarily changed lots of functions/names without it was even needed/useful.

I doubt it was un-needed.

Go into your run file or launcher and type this

+gamemode darkrp

Be sure to change the gamemode to EXACTLY darkrp
No caps

Yeah you got to change the commandline