DarkRP isn't the problem anymore.

Yes, I’m bitching about DarkRP, and I’m doing it to shut up the rest of those who do the same thing.

After some serious roleplaying, which didn’t go as well as expected by the way,
I have seen that THE GAMEMODE is NOT the PROBLEM.
Here’s my little story that proved that.

So I was casually walking down the streets on a good DarkRP server I know of, and I happened to stumble across one of the admins ( who was a hobo at the moment ) and he was just chilling in the streets, like me.
Suddenly some motherfucker did something, I got no idea what, and the admin picked him up with the physgun and said to him "That’s not funny!"Standing there, next to him, I replied “We should build a small box that says -Not funny- and make him stand in it.” And so we did.
After a while the genereal population had discovered the box, and were jumping in and out of it like the rabid animals they are. But then, I saw a single player posing as a citizen, standing on top of one of the corners of the box, jabbering and humming on some stupid song over the microphone in his nasty bright-pitched voice.


Really, I’m pretty sure I’ve met quite a few 10 year olds on these servers…
And the point is, DarkRP is fine, It works great, the biggest problem to date are the players.
And when the players are KIDS, you can obviously tell there’s going to be someone that’s gonna go crybaby and propblock the hell outta everyone. And there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him, short of an admin just kicking him or banning him.

I also realized that general admin punishment simply is not enough.
And I thought of this;
What if the general player would be able to vote a player into “hell”?
And this “hell” is simply a massive flash and noise session, for like 10 seconds, and then kicks and bans the player for the next 10 minutes without any notice of how long he’s gonna be banned.

But really, yeah, I think DarkRP is good now, everything is just -perfect.

Now we just need to figure how to get all these danish 10 year olds and such off our servers…

No offense, we know that Dark RP isn’t the problem… It’s the retards which play it that ruin it.

Yeah, I made a thread about this days ago >_<.


The problem is there’s usually one or two mature people where there’s mostly immature 10 year olds. They’ll just hellvote the normal people out.

This is turning into my fucking catch-phrase, but, Keyword:


We just need mature players that’s all, and players will see those mature players and follow along.

Yep, as this would ever work.

This would.


DarkRP boot camp:
Every time a player joins a game he is sent through several rooms explainning to him how to RP, what RP is and what not to do. This would be a custom map obviously… Anywhozle, it’ll bring the player through a series of tasks that’ll help him and teach him how to play.

If you find a minge on your server:
Send him to the boot camp!

I like this idea. xD

Why don’t the admins just set up a boot camp? :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t require custom maps, is good entertainment…

If someone was to set up a boot camp server, and make a simple plugin for ULX, a admin on the kid filled servers could just CExec the kid to connect to the boot camp server. Forcing them to join basically.

Though that still won’t fix the problem.

Just make a console command send them to the server. :open_mouth: I CAN DO THIS! I’ll get this shit started. :smiley:

Server will be up soon, very basic tutorial though, just wire text screen. :confused:

What’s the “good” rp type? i played some “extreme rp” but when i saw a stamina thing (can only run for like 1 second) i leaved.

Good RP is a players actions, it’ll all be in the boot camp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im 14 yrs,
I made my friends buy GMod a year ago,
I dont like to play with them because the only thing they do is

  1. Build a gangster base
  2. Get a crew
  3. Kill EVERYONE

I like DarkRP but i dont like to do this EVERY TIME, its getting boring -.-
Especially now when theres servers where you drop your weapons when you die -.-

I have succeded sometimes to make a store with them but thats like once in a week and were playing GMod everyday.
Atleast theyre not just running around shooting.
They are also building a base before (im building it, they look for moneyprinters to steal xD)
Lucky me :wink:

BRB making bootcamp server.

My… My… My idea… :(

Good luck! xD

It would be kind of cool to have a simulated and streamlined RP environment designed to teach people to RP better, using some sort of chatbot NPC instead of users. It would take a lot of lua coding to make, though…

Or a long hall way with rules and regulations, tips and tricks, a bot that test’s them and a few more things, similar to a school.

Eww… School.

Just to let everyone know. This is what GMod Roleplay needs. In every server.