DarkRP issues / questions for a server owner. Need Help Please.

I have a few questions. Mainly pertaining to admin issues (at least it seems so).

-Why can’t I purchase a door for myself? When I press F2 on a door, it gives me 3 choices:
1)Buy The Door (Never has worked, but works for guests)
2)Disable Door (Doesn’t seem to work)
3)Allow Only Mayor/CP To Own Door (I haven’t tested this one yet)

-Why do people turn different colors sometimes? I’ve had people randomly become colored Blue, Black, Red, Green, and then they’ll walk farther away and they change back to normal.

-Why do people often change character models out of the blue? I’ve been playing and someone dies, and then changes models. Such as, someone is a Gun Dealer, but when they die, they are still a Gun Dealer CLASS- they just have the GANGSTER MODEL. I do not understand, as soon as they switch to say- Hobo, their model is corrected.

-Which admin mod best dictates DarkRP players? I need to be able to have an MOTD and restrict certain sweps/tools using a GUI interface. I have not had good experiences combining ASSMod and ULX, also NewAdmin kind of sucks. I would like ASSMod, but I’ve never been able to set up an MOTD.

-Should I consider switching to LightRP? I don’t see any differences, but hey, it could be a world of differences. I like how DarkRP has the new set up with the F4 feature, but if I’m having trouble with these things, what good is it to me?

Thanks for any help in advance. I don’t want to hear a bunch of people bitching about how they hate RP or DarkRP, that’s not why I posted this! I need help with these questions and issues.

Whenever you are in chat and you are speaking, they change color depending on the distance they are from you. Like, if they are blue, that means if you press /w before your message, only the blue people will hear you. There is a key above the chatbox while you are typing.

Download it again the new SVN works fine now… and to disable a door write this in chat: /toggleownable also the models constantly changing I have too Its anoying and i hope somebody know how to get that fixed… And to get a MOTD in ASSMod download some ASS Plugins… Seach for Plugins on garrysmod.org

Hope it helped.

1: Use keys menu
2: turn Alltalk on
3: This could be if rp_enforcemodels is set to 0
4: ULX is the best, ASSmod let’s you keep downloading the Motd over and over
also dont use them together, the will crash eachotehr+the server, for Restrict use: URestrict or aks me for a simple bugg-less script I made.
5: DarkRP suck anyway, but it keeps better then LightRP



Type /toggleown

Theres another thread on here telling how to fix the door problem. Go search it