DarkRP Jail Question

I’m currently setting up a Gmod starwarsrp server. When a player first joins the server they can choose CIS or Republic and whatever they choose they get sent to their respective ship. Since there are 2 ships we need 2 jails. 1 for Republic and 1 for CIS. Since the DarkRP only have “/addjailpos” which means that a clone can be sent to the CIS ship when they’re arrested or the other way around. I was thinking wouldn’t it be possible to have 2 different jail systems. For example republic uses the standard DarkRP system while CIS uses like a copied version of the DarkRP jail system with changed commands and another name for the arrest stick.

Wanna know a really really fun way and actually gives you access to even more things!

Making a starwarsrp game mode… don’t just use darkrp like everyone else, there are many many advantages not including it is limitlessly customizable if it is your own and you know how everything works

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Swear down someone could make a few hundred for making a star wars rp game mode of there isn’t already one