DarkRP "Job" Command Problem

Hey! I have a server running DarkRP… Now, there’s a command that allows players who have access to it to name the job to whatever they want. (Example: /job SuckOnMyD*ck) … This is available to anyone, so someone could simply put “/job Admin on Duty” and impersonate an Admin! I really need this fixed(Or if it’s supposed to be like this, I need it’s access to everyone deleted, and only available to Administrators+) Please help!

Modify the job condition to only allow those who have permission to use it.

Would I replace this:

condition = fn.Compose{fn.Not, plyMeta.isArrested}

With this?:

condition = fn.Compose{fn.Not, plyMeta.hasDarkRPPrivilege), 1)("rp_commands")


 fn.Curry(fn.Flip(plyMeta.hasDarkRPPrivilege), 2)

Didn’t work…

Assuming you’re using DarkRP 2.5 and that you’re using the dakrpmodification addon to customize DarkRP, acess the following file:


inside it, look for

-- allow people getting their own custom jobs
GM.Config.allowjobswitch = true

and set GM.Config.allowjobswitch to false, like that:

GM.Config.allowjobswitch = false

That will block the player from using /job Super Admin Rocking Around.

Thanks mate! I really appreciate it!