DarkRP job icon error.

Okay, so I wanted to change the medic model, and well… I did.
The job icon shows up as an error, but when I become the job, the model is working fine… example:


And heres my code for the job taken from shared.lua
[LUA]TEAM_MEDIC = AddExtraTeam(“Medic”, Color(47, 79, 79, 255),
“models/player/Group03m/male_09.mdl”},[[With your medical knowledge, you heal players to proper
Without a medic, people can not be healed.
Left click with the Medical Kit to heal other players.
Right click with the Medical Kit to heal yourself.]], {“med_kit”}, “medic”, 3, 45, 0, false, false)[/LUA]

Anyone know how to help me out here?


Refresh the icon.

And how would I do that?

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Find the icon of that model in the spawn menu and right click -> Refresh

I enjoy reading these threads.

Oh wow, I feel stupid.
But it worked, thanks man.

When I use


I get an error sign as the model.

But when I use


the model is there as the medic, but its stiff, the model doesn’t move.

Any suggestions?

OP, that HUD is fantastic… is it publicly released?

Nice HUD and all, but no need to skip my question ha