DarkRP Job Ideas

i can already feel the collective sigh of many people just from the thread title, but i was hoping some people here on facepunch who hate DarkRP can provide some input to make a less fucking terrible experience.

i’m trying to think of DarkRP jobs that:

  1. aren’t just a reskin, and actually provides a game changer for the person with the job (i.e. ‘Security Guard’ is a bad example, you could be one by just having a gun and using /job)
  2. encourage/promote player interaction (‘Miner’, for instance, only requires that you hit rocks and sell them to an NPC if we’re going by some ways of going about the whole Miner shtick)

if you dropped an idea i’d greatly appreciate it :buckteeth:

How about…

A job for when you just want to goof off (within reason). Different from the beggar, you can perform tricks to get change from passersby, although you gain no salary.

Smuggler, one who is responsible for contrabanding illegal stuff (Meth, submachine guns, lockpicks, unarrest batons, etc).

If someone doesn’t first pay the Smuggler for contrabanding their entities/weapons, they’ll be auto-wanted for “Selling illegal stuff”.

This job can also choose to deny a comission depending on police proxy or package size, but this also allows the comissioner to murder, kidnap or threaten them.

i like this idea, but other than lockpicks/keypad crackers i can’t imagine what they’d sell. gun dealers sell all guns possible, and it’s kept this way so that mayoral jurisdiction can change gun laws, while everything sold by smugglers/black market dealers is illegal forever.

a cat

in code terms, what makes the clown different?

maybe you could code a clown swep into the spawn weapons

He could have a ball swep that can be used to throw at people (left click) or juggle (right click).


will edit when its done

We definitely need Glazier. He must be able to spawn glass of defined size into apertures and to make measures.
Related one may be Engineer.