DarkRP Job Maker

DarkRP Job Maker P.S i’m older now… not a squeaker anymore xD

What is this?
Well we all know the gmod community has turned to 9 year olds :confused: or people that just want to make a server and know NOTHING about “coding” so i was bored and made a .bat file that does everything for you! Yes there are websites like TheCodingBeast’s But i think this is faster than opening a web browser and waiting for the website to load… Anyway all you need to do is enter some info about the job and BAM it makes it for you! All you need to do is copy and paste and save to your server!

How exactly do i use this?
Well you can watch this video!

Where can i download this and how do i install?
You can download from here and put this on your desktop in a folder called anything you want!

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Or you know… if you don’t want to download dodgy programs. Use The Coding Beast’s Job Maker

the files are safe but are useless as you can just use tcb

So that means lets just not make and release any alternatives, right?

Hey bud, Its great but it’d be cool if you could add already configured jobs so you might save someone time if they have one they might want or need

I made this so you can make your OWN jobs facepalm