DarkRP Job Spawn With CW2.0 Attachment

Hello, I’m in need of some help with trying to get a job to spawn spawning with an attachment from the CW2.0 pack.

I was looking at this thread: Need help making a DarkRP class spawn with an entity. - Garry’s Mod / coding - Facepunch Forum

I’ve been trying to find the custom function for the CW2.0 pack that picks up/gives attachments and have tried numerous things to no avail… No clue what else I can do at this point as I’ve also tried the basic ply:Give under the playerloadout part.

TEAM_POLICE = DarkRP.createJob("Police Officer", {
    color = Color(25, 25, 170, 255),
    model = {"models/player/police.mdl", "models/player/police_fem.mdl"},
    description = [[The protector of every citizen that lives in the city.
        You have the power to arrest criminals and protect innocents.
        Hit a player with your arrest baton to put them in jail.
        The Battering Ram can break down the door of a criminal, with a warrant for their arrest.
        The Battering Ram can also unfreeze frozen props (if enabled).
        Type /wanted <name> to alert the public to the presence of a criminal.]],
    weapons = {"arrest_stick", "unarrest_stick", "weapon_r_handcuffs", "cw_deagle", "door_ram"},
    command = "policeofficer",
    max = 6,
    salary = 55,
    admin = 0,
    vote = true,
    hasLicense = true,
    ammo = {
        ["pistol"] = 40,
    category = "Government",
	PlayerLoadout = function(ply)

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Try this:

PlayerLoadout = function(ply)
	ply.CWAttachments = ply.CWAttachments or {}
	ply.CWAttachments[ "md_microt1" ] = true
	ply.CWAttachments[ "md_schmidt_shortdot" ] = true