DarkRP Job Suggestions?

I know about…well…87% of you Facepunchers are DarkRP haters, and honestly, I don’t care. This is a question about what jobs you thought were creative/cool and/or suggestions for cool jobs. I had to start fresh with my DarkRP Server (Virus on my computer, had to format, everything GONE.) and I’m bad at thinking of jobs. I’m trying to pick off of other jobs and morph them into a new/cool job or use currents jobs and add or change them. All credit to the maker of the jobs. Post the suggestions and/or jobs you loved in the replies. It could really help me out :slight_smile:

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Remove all jobs but citizen

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Anyway, more jobs don’t mean more fun, be “original” (Does not mean you should use CH content, either).

Do not have jobs instead give the player stuff that will enable them to create shops and make themself gun dealer though you should have government jobs. And do not have any rule except from use common sense. If you do that then you’ll have a top server. And make it hard for players to get stuff so they cannot get a weapon easily and rdm.

Make a job title called “Pornstar Director” & “Pornstar”. :dance:

The way I see it is, be creative. I just use my creative mind to come up with unique jobs that are different and that people could use to extend the role play. Have some jobs that people not only could be, but that people could extend the role play with by selling things, making shops ect… I suggest looking for some starter jobs like you stated, and then expanding on those jobs to make the most creative jobs possible :downs:

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To those waying no jobs; darkrp is more of an rpg than rp, removing the jobs would make the gameplay ridiculously boring so don’t even try to pull that shit. Adding jobs which support roles and social interaction are key! Making each player have a specific role (whether fixed or flexible) is what makes roleplaying fun.

Oh boy I have some GREAT ideas for you today.

First of all, every server needs to be “Custom” with “Friendly Admins.” You need to put that in your server’s title, that’ll automatically make your server 100% coded by you and you alone, plus it will magically change your admins’ personalities.

Next, you need to advertise the admin mod you’re using, put | ULX | in the title as well. While you’re at it, advert either FA:S or M9K.

Your title should look something like this:

EpicMegaRP | DarkRP | 24/7 | FastDL | $10K Start | 69+ Jobs | ULX | FA:S | Massively Custom | Friendly Staff | New | Hiring | Rocketmania Leaks | Just A Little Slow

Now to the part that you really made this topic for, the custom jobs.

MIDGET - A very short person. Salary: $150
COAL MINER - Mines coal from the sewers. Can only mine in a 25 square foot area. Salary: $300
HOBO JESUS - Has infinity health and can shoot lasers out of his eyelids. Salary: $50
GOOD RP’ING CITIZEN - This is a special citizen that is a donator++ only class (over $200 given to the server) that says that your player who is have the job is an amazing RP player. Salary: $1bil
COMBINE MEGA ELITE SUPER PLUS UNIT - Has all of the guns in the game, even the admin gun from real CS:S weapons. Salary: $2bil
COMBINE MEGA ELITE SUPER PLUS + UNIT - Better than the COMBINE MEGA ELITE SUPER PLUS UNIT because he gets more money. Also it makes you a better RPer. Salary: $2,000,100,000
COMBINE MEGA ELITE SUPER PLUS + SILVER UNIT BUZZWORDHERE PLUS - Better but has no salary because this is an admin job and admins will constantly join this job and wander the streets acting like mecha Hitler. Salary: rp_setmoney

I hope that you use my job ideas.

I will strive to make this my own reality
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Sad but true. All the darkrp servers are like this…

I even see one server that is “NEW” for 2 month :smiley:

Midget did sound kinda fun though