DarkRP Job with extra running speed

So, My code is not working, I putted a file named FreeRunnerSpeed.lua in the lua/autorun/server directory

this is the code:

hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "FreeRunnerSpeed", function(ply)
    if ply:Team() == TEAM_FREERUNNER then
        ply:SetRunSpeed( 400 )
	ply:SetRunSpeed( GAMEMODE.Config.runspeed )

That didn’t work, I also modified the gamemode_functions.lua in the gamemode/darkrp/gamemode directory

this is what I edited:

	GAMEMODE:SetPlayerSpeed(ply, GAMEMODE.Config.walkspeed, GAMEMODE.Config.runspeed)
	if ply:Team() == TEAM_FREERUNNER then
		GAMEMODE:SetPlayerSpeed(ply, GAMEMODE.Config.walkspeed, GAMEMODE.Config.runspeed + 100)

And i tried this in the gamemode_functions:

	local t = ply:Team()
	if t == TEAM_FREERUNNER then
        ply:SetRunSpeed( 400 )

stop using darkrp


If you’re not here to help the guy I don’t see why you are posting a reply. He can use whatever he wants, although DarkRP is not exactly fabled it’s an alright starting point for a person beginning to program in Lua.

As for the question 3nforc3r, replace your gamemode_functions code with this. gamemode_functions is the only .lua file that you need to edit in this case. Revert all of the changes that you have made in other files to prevent corruption.

Ok where do I put this? Just on bottom of the .lua file?

It didnt work