DarkRP /<job>

Hi, how do I disable /<job> not /job <name> /citizen or /cp. I looked through the configs and cannot find it. Can someone help me make the code for it.

Theres a way to prevent people from setting a custom job in configuration. Look harder


As I stated not talking about custom jobs I’m talking about changing jobs with the / command.

Still not talking about that in-game you can change JOBS not custom player jobs with /citizen or /police you and the config are talking about /job <Custom Name EX: /job This is Tottaly a Real Job

Ah, misunderstood your question. My bad. You’d need to edit core files to do that I believe; which is not a good way to go about things. A lot of custom F4 menus, even the default F4 menu uses the command to change jobs. So if you’d just want to not allow people to use the command via chat, make the command variable when you’re defining a job just a random string.

It’s alright, anyways I’m using an NPC for jobs not F4 I have that disabled.


Remove it from the gamemodes code. Its just bs when it says not to touch them, I always do and have never had any errors.

Is that REALLY true though?


mmm. Might be a better solution than this(Please show if you have one) but you can do something like:

for k, v in pairs( RPExtraTeams ) do DarkRP.removeChatCommand( v.command ) end


You can still do /citizen, /hobo, /gundealer, etc, which he didn’t want. You can disable the “job” command via darkrp settings, too.

in darkrpmodification\lua\darkrp_config\settings on line 57 there is the setting to disable custom jobs. Alternatively to stop people using chat commands to change their job a quick fix would be to just make the command a completely random string of characters so someone could never guess it.