DarkRP jobs aren't grant weapons and more

Upon joining the server the player can switch to a different job perfectly but when they try to switch a second time, the server only announces that they’ve switched jobs without giving them their model or weapons assigned to that job. On top of that, the realistic fall damage component of darkrp doesn’t work. When people fall from high places they take no fall damage at all. This leads me to believe this is a fundamental problem with darkrp. It also might be a compatibility issue with one of my addons but I’m not getting errors on start up. Only error I get is this.

[ERROR] addons/darkrpg2_1.10a/lua/darkrp_modules/darkrpg2/core/functions_sv.lua:88: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'health' (a nil value)
  1. fn - addons/darkrpg2_1.10a/lua/darkrp_modules/darkrpg2/core/functions_sv.lua:88
   2. Call - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109
    3. changeTeam - gamemodes/kingdomrp/gamemode/modules/jobs/sv_jobs.lua:139
     4. callback - BWhitelist:579
      5. query - addons/_bwhitelist-revamped-1-7/lua/includes/modules/bwhitelist_mysqlite.lua:305
       6. fn - BWhitelist:575
        7. Call - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109
         8. changeTeam - gamemodes/kingdomrp/gamemode/modules/jobs/sv_jobs.lua:82
          9. callback - gamemodes/kingdomrp/gamemode/modules/base/sh_createitems.lua:225
           10. callback - gamemodes/kingdomrp/gamemode/modules/chat/sv_chat.lua:17
            11. unknown - addons/ghostmode/lua/autorun/server/sv_ghostmode.lua:696
             12. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54

Anyone have any idea what the issue is?

According to that error you’ve given us, a module of your DarkRP called DarkRPG2 is giving a Lua error that is breaking the hook and the function that gets called when you change your job, preventing you from actually changing your job.

Remove all your addons except your game mode and darkrpmodificationmaster and see if you still get those errors