DarkRP Jobs error (again a topic, yup)


i’m there again with a new error:

The F4 menu (jobs) seems to be bugged.
The models show up like an error( they are custom models ), but if u are the job you’re not an error…

Please help? :smiley:


Did you add the models into init.lua aswell?

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Try deleting the models from your garrysmod client and see if then the models still work if you choose the job, if it doesn’t then you didn’t add the models properly into init.lua or your content folder.

add to init.lua? huh?

Any file you want the client to use have to be added in init.lua in the form of resource.AddFile or resource.AddSingleFile. Take note also that init.lua is only run once when the server is first initialized. So for the changes you make to take effect you have to restart server.

Okay. :smiley: