DarkRP Jobs Subcategories?

On DarkRP when you have many categories it can look… well quite bad. My question is in relation to whether it is possible in DarkRP to have a category under another category.
For example, in StarWarsRP. Generally they have many jobs with lots of different categories. 501st, 501st pilots, 501st heavy troopers. What if 501st was the category and the rest would be sub categories to organize the jobs.

I am not knowledgeable in Lua or its possibilities but as far as I can tell there are no addons that change the way jobs work e.g. F4 Menu search bars or filters etc. Is subcategories possible with DarkRP jobs?

‘Does the feature I just thought of exist?’ No
‘Can the feature I just thought of exist?’ Yes

Second question. Does it require massively changing the DarkRP gamemode? I don’t see any servers out there that alters the way jobs works.

No, you dont need to touch the gamemode at all. It can be done in the f4 menu code, you could check if the string starts with 501st and then create category for example, but you would need to know lua.