DarkRP Jobs

I looked around the Wiki and couldn’t find help on this so I came here.

Basically, whenever I change to a job with set weapons, I don’t get the weapons. [lua]weapons = {“stunstick”, “door_ram”, “cw_glock”, “cw_kk_hk416”, “cw_m3super90”},[/lua] - That is what the code looks like for the job.
One mod I have installed is URS (A restrictions addon) however I haven’t really thought if this would make a difference as it edits loadouts for user groups, not jobs?

Any help would be great, thanks.

Also, if it is URS, what other good addons that are cheap/free that I can use for tool/loadout restrictions that will not affect the job weapons?


Maybe you’re in the usergroup that it edits the loadouts for…

So what you’re saying is that when the loadout is edited, the weapons that are meant to be given cannot as they are not over-riding URS?

I’m not completely sure. But another possibility is that one of the weapons you put there does not exist, or was typed incorrectly.

If it were typed incorrectly I’d like to know where I’ve gone wrong as I have now removed URS and it still doesn’t work.

Do the CW weapons exist in-game? As in, can you spawn them from the spawn menu, do you have those specific weapons added, and are the names correct?

Well, the way I added the Custom Weaponary 2.0 pack is via the workshop. I added it to the server collection, added the collection to the start up, then it is there.
Unless I am needing to add the addon via the FTP instead of workshop? Because it won’t give the ammo either however when I add a default DarkRP weapon, the player gains that.

Buddy just use this. It’s much easier and I guarantee, if you do it right, you’ll have no problemos.

Ok, I’ll give that a go.