DarkRP Joining/Connecting

Alright, so I’ve always had this problem that randomly occurs every other week or day.
Sometimes when a User connects, they’re Job would be “Joining/Connecting” and it will not display their balance, not to mention the Black Model skin.

I know this is something to do with ULX, but not sure what.
Upon researching about this, FPtje suggested to another User, running a command while someone is in the game with Joining/Connecting.

I ran it and this is the error in which I received.

lua_run_cl for _, pl in pairs(player.GetAll()) do for k,v in pairs(hook.GetTable().PlayerInitialSpawn) do print(k, v(pl), team.GetName(pl:Team())) end end (Command I ran)

showMotd	nil	MASTER THIEF (VIP)

[ERROR] addons/ulx/lua/ulx/cl_lib.lua:111: attempt to compare number with nil
  1. getVersion - addons/ulx/lua/ulx/cl_lib.lua:111
   2. v - addons/ulx/lua/ulx/modules/sh/chat.lua:304
    3. unknown - LuaCmd:1

I don’t know how to contact FPtje directly so I figured I would post on here to see if someone could help me resolve this, thank you.