DarkRP Keypad Cracker

Hello, so the default keypad cracker is boring… Does anyone know where i can find one similar to this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa2YnSJt2fY - But one that doesn’t show the numbers ?

If not, where can i find the lua file for the default keypad cracker so i can change some things to it.

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The whole point of that one is to guess by number.

But then they will know their password, i don’t want that. I basically looking for the default keypad cracker but can be placed on the keypad. Would you happen to know where the lua file for the keypad cracker is ? @code_gs

It looks like a private addon made in 2009. You can make it yourself by creating an entity that is parented to the keypad. This might help you: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucz-sDONU20

Okay, i watched the video but im a lua newb and i can’t figure out how to do the rest.
It half works, places cracker(at any distance :/) but doesn’t crack yet, left click doesnt pop up with the progress bar, and i can’t figure out how to place the cracker face out and make it look like its on the keypad and crack it. Also how could i make it so you can iterneac with it ? so you can grav gun it and pull it off(stops the cracking).

My Entity:

Keypad Cracker Code:

My Secondary Attack Code:

Im trying to make it so

Left Click = Default cracking (hand held)
Right Click = Placing the cracker on the keypad and cracking.

Something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh9ZWWSbhV8

(displayed “codes” are randomized, and merely used for display and effect to give illusion of brute forcing. Real code never revealed.)

Hahaha Dellkan :stuck_out_tongue: I have your addon already xD i spent all of last night trying to fix it (my version doesn’t work, Ill try re-downloading it.

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Not sure how i got it :confused: Could i have a download link for your addon Dellkan.