DarkRP Keypad Cracker

For those of you who have been searching for a long time for a keypad cracker sWEP for your RP gamemodes, I have your answer!


Pic is on garrysmod.org

Please do not download Swoots’ Keypad Cracker. I know it says that he did not make it, but it still steals downloads from mine. He just copied it and re-uploaded it (he even stole my pic! >.<). So please, only download my version. Thanks

DarkRP Keypad Cracker v1.0

This version of the keypad cracker uses the same base code as the lockpick in DarkRP. This keypad doesn’t freeze you while cracking, looks just like the lockpick loading bar and behaves just as the lockpick does. This addon is good for servers that allow fading door tool and keypads.

Updates from old Keypad Cracker SWEP:

v1.0 (Initial Release)
[ADDED] - Noises to indicate a keypad is being cracked (much like the lockpick)
[FIXED] - Loading bar (redone with the style of the lockpick loading bar)
[FIXED] - Keypad cracker no longer sends two "access granted"s to the keypad (Basically broken)

I do in fact know that there is a bug with the loading bar. If you open the chat box to talk, the loading bar disappears. If you do not move off of the keypad, you will continue to crack and it will still work. I am still looking for the solution to this problem.

Extract this to the “garrysmod/garrysmod/addons” directory.

Comment / Post Bugs / Suggest please!

Is this a server addon? Or is it Clientside. Cause I went into a server and I saw it under weapons but it as admin only.

This is a server addon, it is not a lua hack. The server has to put it in, then they have to add it to their custom shipments. I added it to my thief class. Sorry, but it is impossible (without brute forcing) to hack a 1.4 keypad with a clientside script.

No its not.

You can not hack secure keypads, everyone has tried and noone succeeded.

Its just rather hard. Im sure there must be a way to do it.

you could monitor the eye traces of every player on the server in a think and check when they were looking at keypads. If they were, you could then somehow find out if they were pressing ‘use’, and record the keystrokes applied to that keypad. Then when ‘enter’ was pressed and access granted, you’d know the combination.
Good luck working out how to do it. :slight_smile:


Actually, if you were already recording the nwvar changes on the keypad, you could check which keys were being looked at when the ‘code’ int was updated. This might actually be possible, but would be ruined by two people looking at the keypad, or if a slight (random) delay was added between keypresses and updates.

The problem is that you just can’t see if another player is pressing use clientside.

when you press use, the keypad’s keypad_num NWInt is updated with the current code, or if it’s secure, the number of *s. Therefore, after a bit of testing to work out the general delay between press and update, you could work out which key was pressed to make the code be updated, if you stored the past n keys that were looked at.

True, but i doubt that we can find the usermessage that garry used (If he used one we can use in Lua anyway).

[lua]hook.Add(“Think”, “keypadCheck”,function()
for _,ent in ipairs(ents.GetAll()) do
if ent:GetClass() == “sent_keypad” then
if ent._PrevKey ~= ent:GetNWInt"keypad_num" then
MsgN"Key has changed!"
ent._PrevKey = ent:GetNWInt"keypad_num"

Who needs a keypad cracker, just go mad as a SWAT with that door ram 8)

I always guess everyone’s pass is 1337


What is sad is, Kirad’s idea usually works…

[that or 1234 (or some pattern like that), or 1357 (it makes a “Y” on the Keypads. I’ve also seen 7951, which on a numpad makes a “Y”)]

I just wrote one for 1.4, shall I post it so it might get fixed or not?

You should keep it for yourself and enjoy it.

Would it be possible for some one to add support for wire keypads? Because that could really be cool.

You do have a choice, release it and chance it getting fixed, or keep it and get spammed by people (me too) trying to get it :v: I would just keep it and only give it to people you trust won’t release it.

Hint Me Hint

Don’t post it. It’ll only get fixed.

If you’re srs, just give it to people you trust.