Darkrp keys access

Hi, thanks for watching!

I was just fixing the latest SVN version of DarkRP, when i had it, my “groups/jobs/players” didn’t spawn with keys, and i was looking trough the lua codes and there i saw no keys where spawned

In every code there is no spawned keys in the **

** So i’m wondering what command it is for keys? so i can put them inside :slight_smile:


maybe your keys swep is broken, do you have any lua errors?
also, try to put


inside the { }

The problem was the NewAdmin mod, assmod also struggles.
Cause when i delete them all works as it should :confused:

Is there any admin mod that works with DarkRP?

no lua errors

assmod work fine with darkrp, what’s problems you meet with it?

you spawn with weapons in began, and it collide with the darkrps jobs.
I’ve seen many people having trouble with DarkRP and Assmod.

I run a darkrp server with assmod and it work fine.
try to set giveweapon to no in the ass menu, you can also delete “ass_grammar.lua” and “ass_noplayercollision.lua” in addon/assmod/plugins
and remember you can fix lots of issues by the ass menu(the bind).