DarkRP, Keys, and door types!

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I’m currently messing around with keys, so they’ll work on any type of doors. rp_uptown has doors that cannot be locked | unlocked, but they have the regular text display on them.
Can anyone throw me some help?

function SWEP:PrimaryAttack()
    local trace = self:GetOwner():GetEyeTrace()

    if not lookingAtLockable(self:GetOwner(), trace.Entity) then return end

    self:SetNextPrimaryFire(CurTime() + 1)

    if CLIENT then return end

    if self:GetOwner():canKeysLock(trace.Entity) and trace.Entity:isKeysOwnable() then
        trace.Entity:keysLock() -- Lock the door immediately so it won't annoy people
        lockUnlockAnimation(self:GetOwner(), self.Sound)
		DarkRP.notify(self:GetOwner(), 1, 3, "Locked!")
    elseif trace.Entity:GetClass() == "func_door_rotating" then -- this was just testing
        DarkRP.notify(self:GetOwner(), 1, 3, DarkRP.getPhrase("do_not_own_ent"))
        doKnock(self:GetOwner(), "physics/wood/wood_crate_impact_hard2.wav")

https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/blob/master/entities/weapons/keys/shared.lua <- DarkRP Pocket. I’m using the latest DarkRP version.

Give a link to the source of this code, then you will get the requested help.