DarkRP Known Exploits

So I’ve been running a DarkRP server for a few years… It’s been down for a few months but finally we remade all of our custom content and now currently use the SVN of DarkRP, so it’s the most recent version.

We were on a custom map for a while, got very little attention, but when we switched to the most popular DarkRP map, rp_downtown_v4c_v2 (Temporarily, I hate the map personally) - we exploded with popularity. I can barely get a spot for myself to play on the server… But with more people comes more problems. We’ve been hit daily with people who know exploits that we can’t even begin to comprehend. The server crashes 4-8 times per day and we’re doing everything we can to fix the problems. We’re considering replacing FPP to fix the known 35+ player typical DarkRP lag, but there are a lot more issues that we clearly don’t know about. We can develop plenty of amazing custom content, but we are OBLIVIOUS to the exploits people are using to attack the server. We caught people using wire to crash it, but it seems even disabling it doesn’t help.

I need someone to join and look through the server for exploits. I understand I sound ignorant, maybe I’m uneducated, but I have the willingness to improve and I will dedicate whatever resources it takes to find these exploits and fix them.

I’m willing to pay for this as well if someone can help. I need a person who has a LOT of experience with DarkRP and has a LOT of experience with solving known exploits. Before people start asking me to remove my addons one at a time, or look through my custom content, please hold back your comments. I am past the troubleshooting stage.

One thing to note is that it could be addons. I am unaware of any DarkRP exploits in the very latest version.

Which addons do you have and are they up-to-date?

Lets talk over Steam. Maybe you can join and tell me if there’s anything notable…

FPtje’s working on that. Try disable FPP in your config and try the ‘faster’ branch in the Git/SVN repo by placing it in your addons.