DarkRP Lag at high player count

I just have a simple question, once my server gets to around 40 players it begins to lag. I see quite a few darkrp servers running 80-90 people and they don’t seem to have a problem, is there some sort of trick to stopping the lag at higher player counts? I know a lot of it is probably addons, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do besides removing addons.

Hosting? Specs? How many addons do you have?

I have 28 addons in regular file format, and 45 workshop addons, I never realised I had that many, that could be part of the problem.

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The server is hosted by nfoservers on a vps, four core with 10gb of RAM

maybe reduce tickrate to 33

I had it at 33, I set it even lower to 22 to see if that does anything.

Durgz is shit for efficiency if you have that.
RealCSS Guns has issues with synchronization if you have that.

Give us a list of your addons.

Oh, and also DarkRP. DarkRP is shit for efficiency if you have that. :v:

If you’re running M9K or FAS 2 then part of the problem is poor code ( unless they fixed it ) which causes memory leaks, disappearing entities, lag, etc…

Give us a list of addons you’re running.

It’s probably the addons just give us the list of the running addons.

Here’s my collection :

All the addons you guys listed I have, so that’s probably a big problem.

Any ideas?

clean your addons, these are really laggy

Remove the addons you don’t use. Clearly you don’t need all those bulky car addons.