DarkRP Lag

My DarkRP server is lagging abit and the cpu usage (12%) and memory usage (1%) remains low?

Anyone know?

How many players are on at the time?


Try disable FPP in your config and try the ‘faster’ branch in the FPP Git/SVN repo by placing it in your addons.

Didn’t really make a difference :confused:

Why not change your tickrate?

How do I do this?

If your server is dedicated you can do it through the command line.

I know nothing about tickrate, its on 66 at the moment what shall I change it to?

I have a couple of questions.
Is your server running a dedicated box.
If so, when the server is running. Start Task Manager and check the network usage if it’s over 90% you may be having an issue with the network.

Try changing your max tickrate to 33.

Also what CPU is your Server running?

Someone told me to change the tickrate to 33 and it says on the post 12%, I am renting from a host.