Darkrp Lag

Okay hey :D. i owned a darkrp sever and i been told darkrp make lag to servers. So is there anyway to remove the lag from rp? please dont tell me darkrp suck dont use it.

When you don’t use a shitty DSL connection, it’s fine.

for server or my connection?


A: If you have more than two users on server, DarkRP is gonna lag.

B: DarkRP, better known as DarkDM, sucks. Don’t use it.

C: You could have a custom addon that is being bad. Try removing one addon at a time.

D: When you join your server and have net_graph set to 4, what does the SV value say? It is basically the Server’s FPS. If it is yellow or red constantly, or even if you just spawn one little thing, you’re fucked, get a different server.

DarkRP almost never lags for me, NoobonicPlague has 60+ players on it and it doesn’t lag. Plus it has a lot of custom addons.

DarkRP doesn’t make the server lag. It’s your servers shitty specs/internet connection. Also it doesn’t help that your server is using PHX/Wire. Actually, What am I saying? Here are the reasons why your server is lagging:

  1. You have horrible Grammar.
  2. You’re dumb.
  3. You’re 7 years old.



Rated Heart ^

Your Stupid in these ways:

  1. Have no respect.
  2. Don’t know how to manage a server.
  3. Don’t know how to work svn so you don’t own phx/wire.

His stupid what?

Sorry, but its the fucking truth.

Don’t post Darkrp on Facepunch it’s a bad idea. :regd08:

Last several times I have been in gianthold tor my whole group has been complaining of horrible lag. All the monsters teleport everywhere among other things. Anyone else having problems?

Internet badass. I’m glad you’re banned right now. He asked for some help, just because he didn’t type it with PURRRFECT grammar doesn’t mean he’s dumb, 7 years old, or both.

Kaleb it’s just a kid who wants to imitate guys like RoflWafflez and the whole “DarkRP Trolling” company thinking that it will make him look cooler