DarkRP Laws HUD

DarkRP Laws HUD

A HUD which displays laws for DarkRP


  • Allow mayors to type /laws to open a text editor which will allow them to display laws on the top right.
  • Super Admins+ can use /forcelaws to change the laws.
  • Should work with all versions of DarkRP.
  • No configuration needed, simply install and restart.


Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

How To Install:

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to your server’s addons folder.
  • If your mayor job is unique, edit server/init.lua and replace TEAM_MAYOR with your job’s identity. Ex: TEAM_PRESIDENT
  • Restart the server.

Download Here

Pretty cool. Well done, but laws displayed on screen all the time seem to ruin the rp feeling…^^

For serious RP servers, I agree. But for non serious DarkRP servers it’s really helpful with preventing RDA and letting the citizens and cops know what they need to watch out for as soon as the mayor makes up his mind.

What if you made the HUD for only cops? Then they can memorize the laws and you can increase rp so the citizens have to go to the law board? That’s just a idea

Yeah that’s true. Yet personally I don’t like it. I really appreciate the effort you put into that and it’s really well done.

I do totally agree with the person above me. This wa it would be a really great addon.

On a side note, can the mayor abuse this by making 100 useless and spamming laws to block half the screen?

To answer your question, no. I believe darkrp has like a max of 10 laws or something and it won’t let you make anymore



This thread is for the OP’s content, not yours. Get out of here.

There is no limit on the amount of text the mayor can add, I suppose if they abuse it you can have a staff member deal with it.

Also, I’ve just started learning lua about a week ago so my apologies if the code is a little shit. If there’s anything about it that should be fixed let me know and I’ll try my best.

So what I get out of this is that your laws and hud are just a carbon copy of the old d3vine server good job mate


I went to your website and it’s just a template for MyBB which you probably took from leakforums. You haven’t even edited the logo. You also don’t have an index.php, so all your directories are public.

I also looked through your threads and all of your formats are taken from DivinityRoleplay and Superior Servers.

Does it feel good owning a server completely copy pasted from other ones?

Even the HUD is basically the SUP one…

We can still see your posts. So instead of admitting what you’ve done you’re just going to edit out everything and pretend it never happened?

so I made a simple edit to your code, making the max character length 200.

now it fixes it not being unlimited… however, you can still make it long by spamming return. anyway fix to this?

I’m just gonna say, I’ve been trying to learn lua for 2 years, I’m getting their but I’ve never made anything like this so for a beginner, well done, and lol the website is just a MyBB Template and yes it is on leakforums or maybe it was Hackforums I don’t remeber but have seen it before xD

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This may sound dumb but I think you can limit how far they can hit return, I’d check the wiki.

Kay, the old template was from a friend named Lemons. I get templates from mybb community. I didn’t know where that old template came from until I asked him, but I liked it, so I kept it. But I assume you’re talking about the new template, which I got a few weeks ago. It’s not from Leakforums. Idk where you got that from…

http://community.mybb.com/thread-158681.html <- this is where i got my template from…