DarkRP Leveling System

A DarkRP leveling system based on buying ranks to upgrade the items and jobs that you can get. Once again I have had my time wasted by cunts on scriptfodder, so here it is for (mostly ) decent people to enjoy.




Call Player:GetLevel() to get the current level of a player. Example:
customCheck = function( ply ) return ply:GetLevel() == 3 end

I really hope Mayor’s Daughter is available with male models.

Anyways, I can’t help but feel like this would disrupt the game balance (especially with how it’s money based) but I’m not really a DarkRP player at heart, only “casually.” I only took a passing look at the code, but is there any way to manually set the cost of a level?

levels/sh_levels.lua has all the settings. The descriptions are the ones from the guy who gave me the job.

I don’t mean to start any drama but last I checked you were very unresponsive, hardly on and when you were you were playing other games and when you did respond to messages it was to talk about how something has come up and shit had to be postponed.

Neat! That solves my qualms, then. I don’t ever really rememeber it being easy to make $1,000,000 in DarkRP, which is what made me uneasy.