DarkRP leveling system

okay, i am hoping this isnt asking for too much. I have tried doing this myself, but no dice.

Basically what i am asking for is sum1 to script a system where, say you kill a zombie you get exp points, along with periodic XP you get from salary. As you level, you gain more maximum health, say 2 hp every level, and I’m probably dreaming on this one, but the opposite of the Karma system on TTT where as you level up your damage goes up, but barely. Also, it would be nice for an xp bar to be displayed under your hp on the HUD.

and for more effects, i came up with other ways you might want to throw in there to gain xp.

  1. For every say… 1000$ you get added to your wallet, you get some xp
  2. Say you buy an entity. You gain XP based on it’s price.
  3. If you are a cop, you get xp for arresting someone who recently killed.
  4. as a hobo you get xp for gaining money, but lose xp if you lose money.
  5. Also make a level cap like… 50.
  6. I said that you get salary like XP, if you could make this based on the level you are and total playtime on the server? like say, i gain 50 xp every salary because i have 5 hours playtime. Also make it take a pretty long time to level up.
  7. Also lets say you pick up a weapon, you gain a low amount of xp, as long as your job is not gun dealer

Please do not make it where if you kill players you gain xp, for many obvious reasons.
Also, please make it where admins cannot set there levels, that would kinda ruin game play

If you dont like the idea let me know, or rate disagree or even dumb. Just please do not post because you feel like shitting on someone.

this is mainly for people who make somewhat good DarkRP edits. If done right this could be pretty cool. :cool:

I would also love something like this.

It would become a rather popular mod if created, oh and I have 1 more request, when you gain your level, you get a certain amount of reward money.

Ya i should have figured, no actual scripters actually check the Request section.

I’d figure people wouldn’t care, a system like this just encourages people to DM when they level up.

This is quite a big request, and won’t be a popular one, because it would consume a whole ton of time, you have to make sure its compatible with DarkRP, and if a future update of DarkRP breaks it, you’d be expected to fix it, not only that but there aren’t many scripters that like DarkRP.

I know I had a level script. I just need to dig it out. I’m not a big fan of RP, so don’t expect anything.

I suppose that’s true, DarkRP is universally hated, but as for them breaking it with an update, that is likely not to happen, because the darkrp makers encourage that sort of stuff. Though, Garry could always break it…

What is this… I dont even…

The issue with this request is that, unless I am mistaken, virtually all of those events you want the script to catch are locked away in the gamemode ( I haven’t looked at the source in a long time, so I could be wrong ). To create this script would require editing core files and forking from whatever version you chose, and merging to a more recent version would be time consuming. If there are hooks for when a player gets paid or something, then it would be more feasible, but still a lot of effort.

Alright, thanks for the truth, and opinions. I guess this wont happen, but i suppose thats fine.

Now that darkrp 2.5 has came out and is a lot easier to edit i would love to see this.

gee, how do you people find these 3 year old posts.

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and then think it’s a good idea to post in them.

On top of that you could make hundreds on CH by making such a script.

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Not everyone looks at the dates. As I just found myself doing…