Darkrp Levels

I was thinking, the only problem with the DarkRP is that there is no aim of it. except money.

Is there any way of lua scripting levels, so when you take money from a money printer or every payday you earn Experience then when you have say… 500 experience you level up and unlock new features. any ideas of a of a script like that?

and if anyone is willing to help me create a new gamemode along those lines, well if anyone does ill talk to you about rewards.




Like what?

It’s been one hour.

like, new jobs or new money printers

  • sorry about the ??

Like after so many paydays you could get promoted in that job, so you get paid more, more weapons and stuff? That sounds cool.

I like the idea of unlocking jobs.

yeah exactly like that, and maby if you drink beer or smoke cigs yoou get Xp too… can anyone help me create it?

This seems like a very big project, do you mean a gamemode from scratch or a recode of darkrp?

recode of darkrp