DarkRP Live Radio

Is there any radio that streams live from an actual radio station?
that people can hear without the BASS Module.

Do you have the script with the BASS Module?


FragRadio plugin, enjoy :wink:

Edit: And there’s an entity version, here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=127585
Not used that one though, so I can’t say how good it’ll be

i actually already have try’d this addon but it did not work.

i put it in my server and spawned it and turned it on and none of my players could hear it.

It requires BASS or gm_chrome.

Because I’m pretty sure the only modules that support what you’re talking about are the gm_BASS or gm_chrome modules. You will need to use modules to get a live radio to work. If it was doable with pure Lua, there would be more live radio addons and scripts.

Aren’t modules able to be sent over when the client connects? I’m sure it isn’t that much of a hassle to include the module and then pop up a little warning box that some features of the server will be unavailable until they rejoin the server (or maybe restart GMod, I’ve never included modules before).

Although… I guess there are some hacky ways of accomplishing a live radio in LUA, but they’re probably nasty. Like my idea of creating a 1x1 browser window that is linked to a live radio station’s app that auto-plays.

Win. xD

Fuck yeah, watching/hearing a full HD radio broadcast

It was an idea, never said it would work, never tried it out. :frowning:

Can i get the download link for the base module

It works, it’s how the fragradio plugin works
First link in the third post

Leet frog, with his disambiguous statement, implied he tried both addons, but I assume he only actually tried the entity version (The one I had no hand in creating)