DarkRP Loading Takes to long

So my friend and I are making a server and we have quite a few addons but not a a crazy amount. It takes forever for me to load (about 1 hour +). We currently do not have a server host and was planning on buying one in the future. What I need help with is there a way to make this go quicker and does not having a server host play a role in this? Please help. P.S (Sorry for another question) Could you link the best or one of the best server hosting that is cheap.

I have over 40 addons and it takes me a Minute to fully load the Server.

The problem I’m guessing here is the Computer you’re hosting it on, would you mind stating down the computers Specifications?

I know it sounds bad but my friend is just doing it on his laptop right now and then we will do it on a pc. It is also like an HP laptop also. If i can ask you something though do you have a server host that benefits this or no? And if my friend and I get a host for his laptop will that help him or its just the computer?