[DarkRP] Local Out of Character Chat (LOOC)


DarkRP Version: 2.3.4

Alright, so basically what “Local Out of Character Chat” or LOOC is, is where you do can talk Out of Character locally, instead of globally. I mean this by when you talk in LOOC it’s not broadcasted to the whole server, only the people around you in the same range as your normal chat. There would still be OOC, but LOOC would also exist. The command could be something as simple as /looc <text> or .// <text>.

I was wondering if something like this already exists, or if we could possibly create it in this topic.

Thank you for taking your time to read this,


Unless DarkRP was brought to Rust when I wasn’t looking, this is not the correct section. What you are looking for is the Garry’s Mod Developer forum, not the Rust one!

Please remake your thread here, please: