DarkRP Lockpick does not work


On my server, the lockpick does not work,when a player tries to lockpick a door, at the end of loading, the door does not open …

Do you have any addons with a custom lockpick? Does it work when you try removing/disabling all of your addons?

Thank you for answering me quickly, Yes i have, i tried to remove them without success.

It works fine on vanilla DarkRP – there must be some modification or addon causing your issue.

I will test my addons one by one thanks anyway, I’ll let you know.

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Ok, its this addon : https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/2580/v113-payday-bank-robbery-system-customizable

I have buy this addons, i dont have any leak.

Make a ticket with the author.

Ok thanks you for your help.