DarkRP Logs

How can I give ulx ranks access to view DarkRP logs that show kills and hits etc.?


Are the damage logs in the ULX menu or out of it?
If its in the ULX menu just give the groups permission, Go to the groups tab, click the group, then click the check box next to the command.
If its out of ulx and you need to check if the player is in a ulx group its just

if ply:IsUserGroup("groupname") then
     -- code

Or you can do it with a for loop and loop through all the players

for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
     if v:IsUserGroup("groupname") then

I don’t know where the code is to allow them to see it. It’s in console.

Assuming you’re using DarkRP 2.5, and you want the logs which comes with the gamemode itself.
Go ingame…
Open scoreboard.
Click server settings in top right corner.
Click Edit groups.
Then grant access to “Logging” to your usergroup.

I did that. I guess it only gave access to see who spawned what props. I want them to be able to see the DarkRP kill logs and join logs and hit logs etc.