DarkRP - Looking for a coder, willing to pay.

What we need:

1.) Vampire job in which your player ignites when in sunlight.
2.) modified CSS based sweps
3.) Nice looking DarkRP HUD
4.) Aiming out of Scar windows (drive by shootings)
5.) Zombie spawns in DarkRP that activate every in-game night, and disappear when dawn arrives.

Budget: $40

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the hire thread" - Ninja101))

It doesn’t work, don’t try it. Learn to code yourself or face working with someone who just started coding Lua from tutorials and have absolutely nothing come out of it.

Thanks for the optimism and support.

There’s a thread right here dedicated to hiring scripters. I really don’t see how you could’ve missed it.

Maybe if that old ‘READ OR YOU WILL BE BANNED’ box still appeared when making threads, people looking to post and run would take the time to put things in the right place.

Plus the price is kinda low for ALL that.