DarkRp Lose Job weapons on death

Hey i need help with my jobs. When a player switches jobs they loose the weapons that came with that job like say they switch from cop to hacker they loose the arrest stick and such but if the player dies as a cop they also loose there items is there anyway to fix this? I am on darkrp 2.4.2.

Wait, you want it so when they die, they don’t lose their items such as guns and anything else they’ve bought?

No i dont want them to loose the items they obtain from the job such as a police officer gets a pistol

But this will cause job abuse because people will just go on a job to get the guns and then leave it. Personally I would leave it how it is

No I fixed it so when someone leaves a job they loose the items for that job but i want the player like for example if they are a cop and they spawn with a ump and get killed they will respawn with that ump again.