DarkRP Lua Coders .... Random Death-match Solution

can someone make a code for DarkRP so this can happen ?

  1. You have to buy a contract to kill someone e.g. Buy a contract to kill ExamplePlayer for $400

  2. When you kill that player it says ‘ExamplePlayer’ Murdered You, However you are now a different character however inherit your brothers possessions (please choose a new role-play name)

  3. Police have a tazer gun (Like a sniper) when it hits you, you turn into ragdoll and they can move you with their Physx gun. (they get fined for killing)

is this possible to make ? if it is, can someone make the code? i believe this will stop, random death-match on serious servers.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong sectino" - mahalis))

I’m making a tazer at some point for SeriousRP but not the other bit.

Tazer has been already made =)

My solution would be to scrap the RP part and keep only the mob vs police war (structured into scenarios). That’s what people play it for anyway.

A good solution would be making bullets not hurt people unless they’re on your property, or have like 6+ kills. I wouldn’t know how to do this though. I haven’t reached that point in lua scripting yet.

Yea, cause in real life, you can’t shoot people on the streets.

Ok,so what if someone breaks into your house and goes for your moneyprinter? You have to go out and buy a contract to kill them whilst they are stealing all your crap?


(User was banned for this post ("Wrong sectino" - mahalis))


Fail ? lol

I know. But since I decided to add one in 2007, I’ll still make one myself if I get time.